Why Include High Quality Fur Jackets in Your Winter Fashion Collection

“A study conducted, to be filed in in the Journal of Consumer Research, revealed that non-conformity to societal dress norms can indicate status or give other people an impression that you have a greater status in society—and that you dictate your own laws. Of course, the best part about it is that fur does act as a natural and exceptional insulator, more effective in giving protection against harsh winter elements than other fabric.

So when looking for a new piece of clothing to keep yourself warm and comfortable without having to force your wallet and mess up your distinctive fashion sense, the inclusion of high quality fur jackets for women in your wardrobe is worth considering. They won’t go out of fashion and can be worn in many different ways along with other exquisite accessories, so it’s truly an investment worth making.”


Brace Yourselves: Wear Fur Jackets this Season

Sure it’s cold outside, but there’s no reason for anyone not to get out and play or just walk around looking stunning. You don’t need a reason to go out of your house and make the sidewalk your very own catwalk, as long as you have a fashionable fur jacket. Here are some things you should know about this particular piece of garment:Since ancient times, animal furs have served both as luxury garments and as rugged outerwear. Today, the durability, style and toasty-warmth of the material is what makes fur jackets so wonderful to have. Provided they receive adequate care, women’s jackets and coats made from real fur should be able to retain their beauty for many decades.

Proper handling of fur coats and jackets all starts with the right cleaning methods. For one, real fur shouldn’t be washed through conventional means (i.e. by hand, machine, or dry cleaning) because doing so will damage their quality and texture. Meanwhile, soaked or soiled furs should immediately be sent to a professional fur cleaner who will treat each fur garment with utmost caution

As for storage, it should be noted that fur hides require sufficient air circulation to keep from drying out. Keeping fur coats in garment bags is, therefore, not a good idea. Otherwise, that two-toned mink fur coat is sure to look shabby and just about ready to fall apart when it next emerges from storage.