Why Include High Quality Fur Jackets in Your Winter Fashion Collection

“A study conducted, to be filed in in the Journal of Consumer Research, revealed that non-conformity to societal dress norms can indicate status or give other people an impression that you have a greater status in society—and that you dictate your own laws. Of course, the best part about it is that fur does act as a natural and exceptional insulator, more effective in giving protection against harsh winter elements than other fabric.

So when looking for a new piece of clothing to keep yourself warm and comfortable without having to force your wallet and mess up your distinctive fashion sense, the inclusion of high quality fur jackets for women in your wardrobe is worth considering. They won’t go out of fashion and can be worn in many different ways along with other exquisite accessories, so it’s truly an investment worth making.”


Buying Real Fur Coats Begin by Understanding Its Useful Properties

“The type of fur used to make real fur coats is identified by their properties. Coyote fur is dense and creamy, while that of raccoon is thick. However, the level of comfort these coats bring barely varies, making customer’s choice almost entirely based on appearance and compatibility to preferred fashion. While men tend to choose short-bristled fur coats or jackets, women look for thick long coats that stretch from the shoulders to the thighs or knees.

The search for a real fur coat should always start with searching for the right store. Reliable fur coat retailers like Day Furs offer a wide variety of men’s and women’s fur coats that you can choose from., No matter your budget, Day Furs can provide you with the fur coat of your dream.”